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Built in 1898 to provide hydro-electric power for the Gornergrat train, The Turbina is a unique place to hold your event. The Turbina continued providing power to the Gornergrat until 1947. In 2014 renovation of The Turbina began, providing an amazing event venue where the possibilities are many! All this with the Matterhorn in full view!


THE TURBINA - The powerhouse in Zermatt

The Turbina

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The Turbina has unique solutions

The Turbina is a versatile building and has been renovated to provide different solutions. From meetings to private dinners to parties to photoshoots it has the solution for your event.


The bar has a full range of facilities including refrigerated units and beer pump

    Turbina Zermatt Bar


    The Turbina has a unique DJ stand, equipped with a sound system, video/projector presentation equipment, a BBQ made by hand from one of the old oil tanks. The Turbina has heating.

      Turbina Zermatt


      The Turbina can accommodate 80 people for a dinner inside, 50 outside (weather permitting). 100 for a meeting or seminar and up to 200 for a party.

        Turbina Zermatt


        The toilets are eco-friendly and located in the old electric generator units!

          Turbina Zermatt


          THE TURBINA - Unique solutions for your event

          The Turbina

          What Can You Do?

          A unique location for your Event

          Benefit from our experience of over 15 years of organising events in Zermatt. Private or Corporate we will help and advise you to plan your perfect event.

          THE TURBINA - Powering the Gornergrat Railway

          Since 1898

          The Turbina

          The power house of the Gornergrat railway

          From 1898 to 1947 The Turbina provided the power to the Gornergrat railway, utilising the natural forces of water.

          The Turbina

          Powering the past

            Turbina Zermatt

            The Turbina

            Powering the past

              Turbina Zermatt

              The Turbina

              Powering the past

                Turbina Zermatt

                The Turbina

                Powering the past

                  Turbina Zermatt

                  August 22, 1890 – Monsieur Heer-Betrix from Biel in Switzerland addresses the Confederation for a grant for the construction of a train from Zermatt to Gornergrat and another from Zermatt to the Matterhorn. Winter 1894/95 – Study of the plot, project progress and specifications. Decision made to use water power. The train will utilise electricity rather than steam. The construction costs will be higher but lower operating costs than for a steam train. 

                  June 11, 1896 – The company Haag & Greulich is assigned the construction of the Gornergrat Railway for a package of 3 million Swiss Francs with the condition to finish (including rolling stock and electrical equipment) by 1 July 1898. Spring 1896 – Bridge foundations built on the Vispa and Findelbach. End September 1896 – Significant snowfall halts the progress of the site and blocks 150 workers in Zermatt for all the winter of 1896/97! Winter 1896/97 – To try to catch up due to early snowfall, work in the tunnels continues throughout the winter. 

                  April 1897 – Construction restarts after clearing snow that in places reaches 6 meters deep! Summer 1897 – Gradually, as construction continues, increasing in altitude, the first symptoms of altitude sickness occurs among workers above 2700m. These workers were mostly from Italy (Bologna) so were replaced by workers from mountain regions and therefore already acclimated to the altitude. August 11, 1897 – Start of installation of the metal structure of the bridge over the Vispa and Findelbach rivers. October 18, 1897 – Passage over the bridges of the first train carrying equipment. October 31, 1897 – Bridge construction completed. November 20, 1897 – First power line. November 24, 1897 – First test of the railway! August 20, 1898 – Official opening of the railway line Zermatt – Gornergrat. 

                  After power for the Gornergrat Railway was switched to ‘mains’ electricity the Turbina lay dormant. Left neglected and run down until the renovation work started in September 2014. 

                  Construction costs: 3.5 million Swiss Francs (150,000 for Turbina). Operating costs: 84 000 Swiss Francs per year. 100,000 Swiss francs to buy the common land necessary for the construction of the railway and power plant (Turbina). Duration of climb: 1hr 30mins with a 5 minute stop at each station. Number of places: 110. In total, 2400 workers participated in the construction of the Gornergrat railway. Train speed: 7km/hour. Line length: 9600m. Average incline: 15% Turbina: 3 turbine machines with a power output of 250 hp. each – totalling 750 hp. 1000 liters of water per second that develop 1,000 hp. power. 


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                  THE TURBINA - Restored Renovated Renewed

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                  The Powerhouse

                  Renovated with sympathy

                  Over a period of time from September to December 2014 The Turbina was renovated, restored and updated to provide the current facilities. The Turbina has been sympathetically renovated maintaining many of the original features and of course the turbines remain in place!

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                  Located in the Winkelmatten quarter of Zermatt, adjacent to the Findeln river (Findelbach), the Turbina is easily accessible by foot: 15 minutes from the center of Zermatt. 7 minutes from the station Findelbach on the Gornergrat railway. 40 minutes from Furi (the Matterhorn Express gondola station – estimated walking time.) It is also possible to organise electric taxis to pick-up and drop off close to the Turbina - 5 minute walk.

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